Utimate Frontier: S-IV Cycle

High-Action Live Action Role-Playing Game

FyreSword Games

The universe is a dark place–pinpoints of light only highlight the vast lightlessness. In this endless, black void there are countless people just trying to live their lives. Ultimate Frontier is a setting of human set against the vast backdrop of space. Evocative of the greats, UF is the setting for FyreSword Games’ space opera games.

S-IV: Anomaly

“Anomalous Behavior,” they called it, which means GECH has no idea what it is. That’s where you come in. They’re paying you a tidy sum to figure it out. The 500 shares of S-IV Habitat IX makes braving the unknown worth it. Aboard the PVT Immelt you’re about to be hot-dropped onto Schenectady IV to find and identify the Anomaly. Matters are complicated by the CFC riots in nearby Habitat VI, but nothing you can’t handle. You hope.

A stand-alone LARP, S-IV Anomaly is an adventure of epic proportions. Uncover the secrets of the anomaly as you face resistance from local para-militants, your teammates, and forces beyond your understanding!

S-IV: Anomalies

Fourteen standard weeks ago, something went horribly wrong. Distress calls poured out of Schenectady IV, cluttering the airwaves. The calls started drying up. After just one week there was only a trickle of pleas, and twelve weeks ago S-IV went silent. By now most of the galaxy knows that an alien lifeform has ravaged the once-beautiful colony.

The time to fight back has come. GECH has assembled a crack team of experts and soldiers to head planetside and see if the threat can be overcome. You are that team: mercenaries equipped with the latest technology and armed to the teeth, you must see if survivors can be found and a beachhead can be established: if the planet can be saved. Meanwhile, the PVW Charles Coffin is on high-burn from Fairfield. They will reach the planet 6 hours after you hot-drop on the surface, orbit-to-planet annihilation at the ready, awaiting your advice.

In this action-packed sequel to the incredible S-IV Anomaly, the line has been drawn. Can you face down a threat beyond your understanding and win back an entire planet? Or will you and the whole planet be reduced to molten slag?


Ultimate Frontier: S-IV Cycle was two 1 day events. Anomaly and Anomalies that ran August 2012 and December 2012

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